“I don’t want him to sit in a room, taken care of by others once I’m gone. I want him to have a life, to have a job. I want him to have friends that are like him,” John says of his son. “They have a great eye for detail. We view autism as one of our key competitive advantages.”

Once kids age out of the school system, there is very little meaningful activities for those with autism. In fact, there is a 90% unemployment rate. Risting Tide is a car wash for change and the employees seek to change people’s perspective on autism.

“They come to us with very little purpose and very little hope for their future, but once they start working with us and start to get the positive reinforcement of doing a good job, the customer being happy, and getting a tip, that really starts to open them up. They start to think about what they might be able to do with their lives, whether that be stick with us or go do something that is more closely aligned with whatever their aspirations are,” says Tom, COO.

The dream of having an autistic car wash has created a positive change for these kids and this community!