Bailey Matthews acquired his interest in the triathlon from his father who is also a triathlete. He used to push his son during the triathlon, but this time Bailey finished on his own. We think his face says it all!

The announcer said it best, “He shows us what’s possible when you’ve got heart, and you’ve got soul, and you’ve got determination!”

“There are times when it’s difficult,” Bailey’s dad told the dailymail. “He’s an eight-year-old little boy. You have your ups and downs. He’s happy at school but he can sometimes get a bit upset because kids are cruel. Other than that, he loves it. He loves to learn. He’s not a gamer. He’d rather play his guitar. He writes his own short stories. He creates his own websites.”

At the triathlon, Bailey swam alongside his dad and a lifeguard. He swan the 100 m swim unaided. Then he took to the 4k cycle on a bike that had stabilizers. Finally, he tackled the 1.5 k run and finished with excitement.

Well done, Bailey!