Some videos cause us to say “Oh, how adorable!” These kids know how to turn on the cuteness! Enjoy these cute videos brought to you by kids around the globe.

In a world filled with so many negative messages, Jesus Loves the Little Children shares positive, family-friendly content that will make you laugh and cry. These stories from around the world will remind you how much Jesus loves children – and you.

What Gives Children Joy? thumbnail

What Gives Children Joy?

Here Comes a Train thumbnail

Here Comes a Train!

Sing the ABC Song thumbnail

A Unique way to Sing the ABCs Song

We All Scream for Ice Cream! thumbnail

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

When Mom Sings to Baby… thumbnail

When Mom Starts Singing...

Yoshi Ninja Warrior thumbnail

Yoshi, Ninja Warrior!

I’m Batman! thumbnail

I'm Batman!

Sign Language for Dogs – A Match Made in Heaven thumbnail

Sign Language for Dogs - A Match Made in Heaven!

Rocky Kid! thumbnail

The "Rocky Kid"

Akash – Spelling Bee Superstar! thumbnail

Spelling Bee Superstar!