Need a good chuckle? Laugh with these funny Christian videos! These kids want to bring a smile to your face and laughter to your spirit.

In a world filled with so many negative messages, Jesus Loves the Little Children shares positive, family-friendly content that will make you laugh and cry. These stories from around the world will remind you how much Jesus loves children – and you.

Baby Bubbles thumbnail

Baby Bubbles!

Funny Donkey thumbnail

Funny Donkey

Runaway Flower Girl thumbnail

Runaway Flower Girl

Happy Soul thumbnail

Happy Soul!

WASSUUPP? thumbnail


Dads Doing Hair thumbnail

Dads and Hair -- An Awesome Combo!

How to Pull a Tooth thumbnail

How to Pull a Tooth

Blowing Out Birthday Candles is Hard thumbnail

Make a Wish!

Baby Poo Face! thumbnail

Baby Poo Face!

Laughing Baby Boy – Gargling is so funny! thumbnail

Gargling is so funny!