Before he was 2-years-old, his parents started noticing his natural ability with numbers. Now he’s competing in MathCON and came in 7th out of 45,000 students. He says, “A lot of times, I’m able to do what I do pretty naturally.” Now he is obsessed with constructing Rube Goldberg machines! “It’s fascinating for me to see how all the parts work together to complete a task.”

Jaxon was born with partial hearing loss and that wasn’t discovered until age 8. “He’s gifted in other areas and has heightened senses in other areas that have compensated and made up for this deficit… so much so that you don’t even know that he has it,” says Jaxon’s mom.

Despite his prodigy and being a Mensa kid, Jaxon’s parents want to keep him at grade level. “We want him be able to have an impact on people and in order to do that, we believe he needs to be able to interact with people and socialize with people. We don’t feel that you learn how to do that when you’re not with your peers,” says Jaxon’s dad.

This Mensa kid sums it up, “This doesn’t define me.”