Thalia’s life story changed the day she was attacked by a dog, just six days after her 8th birthday. She is overcoming odds and keeping her attitude positive.

Thalia was at a friend’s house playing in the yard with 3 of her friends. She walked down the street a bit, and stopped to wait for them to catch up. While she waited, she sat on top of a retaining wall. She had no idea there were dogs in the yard. There was a small gap between the wall and a neighbor’s fence. Before she knew what was happening, a dog reached under the fence and grabbed her fingers and pulled her arm into the hole. The dog continued to attack her arm.

Witnesses of the situation shared of Thalia’s bravery and strength. Today, she continues overcoming odds by pushing herself to do new things! She recently participated in a regional para athletics carnival.

The incident was very traumatic for the close-knit Lake Macquarie community. The police recently honored her bravery and her ability to overcome odds by hosting a celebration. She was flown by a helicopter to see dolphins playing, took a ride around the lake in a police boat, and then she was chauffeured to the beach to have a buggy ride!

Keep overcoming odds Thalia!