“My mom died when I was little and my aunt took me in. I was very sick but she took good care of me.”

Glen’s aunt tell us,

“It was devastating for us when his mom died. He was sick and his development was delayed. I didn’t know where to start or how to care for him. I was afraid he would die. My church helped out a lot during this time and provided us with everything we needed.”

Susan was urged by the Compassion International staff to attend activities at the church that would show her how to take care of Glen.

“I didn’t know where to start. Glen was so small and sickl. He needed a lot of attention.”

Compassion staff helped provide food, mosquito nets, a mattress, clothing and other household items. They would also go with Susan to the hospital for Glen’s treatment.

It was during these moments that Susan felt encouraged.

This fragile boy eventually grew stronger and started to walk. Glen is now in 6th grade and dreams of being a doctor!

“I can only thank God to see the progress he has made!”

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