One legend of a rainbow with a pot of gold goes like this…

There once was an elderly married couple who were very poor. They were out of food and money so the husband went to another village to find work. His wife went to the work in their garden. While working in the garden, she heard a voice say, “What are you doing?”

“Who’s that?” she asked back.

“Look down. I’m a leprechaun!”

She looked down and a leprechaun jumped out of a hole in her garden. He brushed himself off and headed off toward the cottage. When she arrive at the cottage, the woman found the leprechaun sitting at her table. He informed her that he had come to grant them one wish. And with that, he left.

When the husband returned home, his wife told him about the magical little man and how he was going to grant them one wish. The couple stayed up all night wondering what they should choose for their one wish.

In the morning, the leprechaun returned. The little old lady asked for money and clothes and the finest of jewelry. The husband asked for new tools and a new house. The leprechaun scolded them and called their requests selfish.

“For this, I will not grand any wish of yours. But since you are in need, I will give you a hint. I have hidden a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. All you have to do is find it.”

The couple hurried out to look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I guess we can assume they never found it.

The little girl in the video sure believes in a rainbow with a pot of gold. Do you?