This Rangers fan started working on her throwing form. “I was throwing underhanded because that’s the way girls did when I was in school 50 or 60 years ago,” Sullivan told For this special occasion though, Elizabeth will be throwing overhand. She’s been practicing faithfully!

When this Rangers’ fan throws out the first pitch, she’ll be wearing her Rangers cap and a custom “Sullivan” jersey with the number 105!

If you see her at the game, she’ll probably tell you about her favorite Ranger, “Pudge” Rodriguez. She still admires how he could throw out any runner going to second.

She’s not nervous, but she hopes that no one boos the first pitch!

“Why would they choose me, who doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, while just last year they had a former President of the United States?” she asked.

We’ll all be watching this 105-year-old Rangers fan as she throws out the first pitch at 1:05. Sullivan will be one of the oldest people to ever throw out a Major League first pitch, but not the oldest. That honor belongs to Evelyn Jones, 108, who threw out the first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game.